We do not consider your home as just another project and we understand the design process may require that personal touch. 

Every individual has their own ‘wish list’ that they would like to include. To ensure everything is just right, we offer the opportunity to engage with our specialist affiliates during the design process.  We can arrange for you to meet with our friendly team of highly qualified Architects, Draftsmen and Designers to enhance your new home experience as well as to incorporate your ideas.

We will guide you through what can seem like endless options when it comes to fittings, finishes, floorings, etc.  We have years of experience and knowledge and will happily do all the hard work for you.  We can offer a tailored range of tried and tested products that will fit your budget, whilst maintaining a quality finish and value for money outcome.

We understand that there may be times throughout the building process when you would like to make changes or additions. Tailoring your home to suit your needs may take some tweaking here or there. Even once construction has commenced, we allow reasonable changes with minimal fuss.

Whether you are looking to build a modest home with a relatively simple design or looking to build a grand and extravagant home, we hope that we will be given the opportunity to work together. At Savvy Homes we take pride in our ability to provide tailored services and quality homes and hope that you will consider us for your next project. 


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